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Welcome to the WikiEdit

Welcome to the Toho Kingdom Toons Wiki, the only place for you to find out all things Godzilla-ish in a whole different way! Anyone can help me finish this site and get these toons in the wiki. For more info go to to see the toons and get info on each character. Please contribute. For even more info, scroll down and see this page! Check out the new version of this wiki here

Thanks for seeing, Your friends from Toho Kingdom!

A Note From the Kaiju KriticsEdit

The Toho Kingdom Toons are a long series of cartoons based on Toho Co. Ltd Creations and characters. Humorous, random, and "Let's see that again!" all come to mind when we watch them. All credit on these characters, places, and jokes (and us) all belong to the creator, Miles Imhoff. These reasons are really why we wanted a wiki for this, because there are too many "Other Things" to see, and this stuff should be seen, one way...OR ANOTHER!!!

Thanks for seeing, anyway

Toho Kingdom

Wait, no, that's not it.

Wait, what are we. OH YEAH.

The Kaiju Kritics



Monsterious Xavier and Gabara
TohoMonsterX 11

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