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I didn't want pepperoni!

Sexy grandpa is the ninth episode of Toho Kingdom Toon's fouth season. It had premiere 30 July 2010.


It begins with Anguirus in arctic and wonders where he is and presumably sees a mammoth. Meanwhile people from Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla is shown. Later a Fake Godzilla appears and Anguirus shows up. Fake Godzilla soon chase Anguirus to take his jaw.


  • Keizer Ghidorah: I didn't want pepperoni!

(Anguirus meets Fake Godzilla)

  • Fake Godzilla:As i just said, I'm Godzilla, your closest friend.
  • Anguirus: I am 73% certain you aren't my best friend in the whole wide world man, dude i can totally see one of your mechanical arm`.
  • Fake Godzilla: [holds out mechanical arm]What disguise, I am no double ganger, now give me your jaw.
  • Anguirus: No man, go away!
  • Fake Godzilla: Give it[Awkward chase]
  • Anguirus: Agh, go away stop chasing me! AHHHH!
  • Fake Godzilla: GIVE IT!
  • Baragon: Hey I'm here for the fight, Oh.


  • During the awkward chasing, Fake Godzilla's (Kiryu's) arm changes side.
    IMG 5427

    Right side.

    IMG 0283

    then the arm is on the left side.

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