Celebi is a grass and psychic type Pokemon. She is the daughter of Monster X and Biollante.


Celebi appears pretty much like her actual Pokemon sprite, just that the wings are extended. She is either wearing a pink tutu with a flower in the center or a red dress. She is described by Biollante in "Advent Celebi" as having the "body of a four-year old and the mind of a thirty-five year old megalomaniac." She is also described by Monster X as a sociopath. She is shown to be very cunning and disturbing at some points.

Loyal LackeysEdit

Celebi runs a group which she refers to as her "Loyal Lackeys." Her most loyal one is Mew. Her second lackey is Vegita, who was vaporized by Mechani-Kong (disguised as Obedu), and Celebi put his brain into Jet Jaguar. Her third lackey is Mechani-Kong. Her secret intelligence officer is Little Godzilla. Her fourth lackey was Kats, but he betrayed her. He was replaced by Freiza.

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